Life Shards disappear when hone & there's no fix. GGWP

I have purchased shard pouches from the Mari’s store, and various places in-game. After opening the pouches, when I go to hone everything gets depleted automatically and it says I don’t have enough shards. For example I get a 10 x small shard pack from Mari’s. That’s 500 x 10 = 5000 shards. In tier 2, honing from Level 11 to 12 costs 900 shards. I press “Gear Honing” and it depletes my full 5000 and says I have zero, and also doesn’t go to the next stage to actually get an attempt at honing. I’ve had this issue over several weeks across 3 of my characters. I’ve raised this what chat support several times and I’ve been asked to wait and to wait and to wait and to wait. I can’t progress in the game vertically if I can’t hone. I’m so fkn frustated. What am I meant to do? I’ve raised 5-7 issues all in-game and I’m still waiting to hear a response on all of them. I lost my Argos Phase 2 attempt and didn’t get a re-entry ticket, and now I can’t even hone. It’s a hit or miss. It may work normally, or it’ll consume all my shards. GG WP. Can any Devs please talk some sense and advise what i’m meant to do? Should I quit the game for a month or two months till I get a response back to know my issue is fixed so I can return and hone? I’m being dead serious no sarcasm. I actually don’t know what I’m expected to do, if I can’t hone.

You should maybe calm down first. It’s just a game and not worth to get so worked up.

I had never the problem of shards disappearing and you can write all you want without any evidence backing up anything you claimed here. If you had this problem a few times already, why didn’t make a series of screenshots showcasing the problem.

The only way you can lose shards at the moment is by opening bags and teleporting somewhere else before your pet could pick up all the loot.
You also consum shards to charge the item before you can attempt honing, maybe you didn’t read that correctly and just skipped through everything, idk.

Please write this in the game support section, maybe anyone there can help you.


Thanks so much Toru. I really really appreciate your time and response. I never knew there’s a charging component to a hone. I’m an absolute idiot! Wish chat could have told me this. And I have taken screenshots of everything but chose not to post it, because I’ve done so previously regarding my Argos and have had zero result from doing so. I wish I can delete this post but it doesn’t let me. Shame.

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No problem mate, next time just read and check all UI windows, which pop up instead of robot clicking them all. :smiley: