Life shards disappear

I bougth life shards from guild vendor and picked upp the 500 and when i went to honing my gear all of my life shards was gone…? Happend me for some days ago but i thought i wasted all my life shards because i had 0 at that time to but its some other issue. And i didnt have 0 life shards today before i went to guild vendor

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I have the exact same problem.
My life shards (and also gold, but here I am not 100% sure) disappeared.
I got quite a lot (>60k) and now it is zero.
Then I opened 3 L Bags and still zero.
Proof in the screenshot.

Please fix this as soon as possible. The game is unplayable and I will quit otherwhise.
I wanted to progress to T3 today, how should I do this?
My ingame name is Czarnian on the server Asta.

I opened a support ticket and they told me they look into this.
Meanwhile the bug has been resolved but I never got a compensation for my losses…
Just makes me currious whatelse did I lost over the past weeks.
Other players also reported gold loss.

It would have been nice to get more information and a proper compensation (not life shards since I don’t need them)