Life skill gathering energy

I think a lot of players from this region enjoy gathering away. Could faster energy refill be part of the aura package or if it is already, needs to be better. Each day it takes a long time to fill even 1/4 of the bar.

Having the aura does refill it quicker, but this is in place to stop botters/farmers from gathering 24 hours and selling them for gold to just sell outside of the game and I don’t think they plan to ever change this.

I know that has nothing to do with the people that just enjoy MMO’s for farming, but if that’s the only reason you play them then maybe think about swapping to another game that suits your wants better, because that is why we play the game. To enjoy it.

Crystalline aura grants 10% faster regeneration for gathering resource. It’s possible to buy a stack of 3 potions a week for 60 blue crystals (1,5€) to gain extra energy.

botters can just have 20 accounts and gather 24/7 its free to play.