Life skill tool bug

There seems to be a bug when your life skill tool skill is invalid which happened only recently(August). So when this happened it seems some skill on the tool(for example here: minigame difficulty reduction) is null and you instead face the higher difficulty in minigame(such as in excavating) where the safe zone are smaller and speed is faster.

Unequipping the tool and reequipment seems to works sometimes but not consistently. Anyone saw bug like this?

Hey there @Mmabb!

I have moved your post to the Bugs and Localization Feedback section so the appropriate team can have visibility about this issue.

See you in Arkesia!

Hey there, Mmabb!

What is your server name and character name?

Thanks a bunch for moving this over, FhanDuh!

Hello my ign is Mmab.
Server is Kadan

Thank you! I’ll send this over to the development team for you.