Lifetime ban for RMT? yay or nay?

lemme know if you guys want a harder punishment for buying gold on 3rd party sites! I assume it will also solve some issues in regards of loading screens etc.

Think that would stop bots ?

Also imagine getting falsely tagged as rmt and get perma banned omegalul.

Tho if i were falsely banned, i would just quit anyway rofl.

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Yes permanent bans should have been in place since we first had RMT issues.

The problem now is that RMT gold is everywhere and many legit players are also being punished for it.

If they manage to filter legit players from illegal players then im up for it.

if you cannot sell what you offer, you generally stop your business, so ye.

I don’t see many posts of that happening to ppl, mostly it is legit and if it is wrong you can easily prove it, i guess!?

many legit players? i doubt that. first hand trades with bots is nothing a legit player would do.

there was quite few of posts.
How would you prove its wrong ? Ya think anyone would listen to you ? :smiley:

So lets say you sell lvl 9 gem or acessory for average market price on auction house and u get banned. What do u do then ? U just sold it on auction house. So, how ya prove it ? :smiley:

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why would you get banned for that in the first place? they see what you sold, its not a lvl1 gem for 100k gold, its a lvl9 gem for that price

So basically the issue isnt the bans themselves, there is also the issue that people who sell things and an illegal bought it, the seller then has their gold removed and as a result both the RMT player and the legit player are getting punished for it.

there were quite few of posts of ppl claiming they got banned for selling lvl 9 + gems for Average market price.

I assume that if there is automated system, it doesnt operate with average market price - so like if Rmter were to buy your lvl 9 gem, u might get tagged by system. Thats just assumption of course, but it seems logical.

and even if ppl were unbanned, their gold from sale was removed lol

they never removed gold from anyone afaik u just lay down couple days, logg in and then enjoy ur gold if u get a ban atm

they do remove gold from people, you have no idea about that stuff.

and some ppl can be banned for months, or maybe even years ?

based on " severity " of RMT, if i recalled it right. Like there are 3 tiers or something ? dont remember

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you really have to show me the gold-removal… i try to remember the content creator that got a pause from the game and came back to the same amount of gold, i will post it here asap

buy 5m gold, spend it all on lvl 10 gems and they remove 1k gold and ban u for 1-3 month, like the most ppl did …

without negativ gold, no one is scared to rmt

bruh so u saw one guy and didnt check the rest ? There was far too many posts regarding gold removal

there are not many ppl saying i RMT’d, here is my balance, that’s why im asking you

sry that i didnt check the whole playerbase personally yet

big difference between whole playerbase and 1 person.

here one topic Do we live in fear when selling gems?

Some random topic Wrongfully penalized and had gold removed

here one topic i raised with the question of automated system Is there automated system that bans / gives penalties if you sell item for over 50k?

some topics Help with ban appeal system

Enjoy lol

hmm… weird… no screenshots, the screenshot with the 58k was replicable for me without any gold being removed… all a bit sus… but actually not the topic. ban for life or not?

(and if u wanna know how to make that screenshot, u just filter for the 2nd screenshot so ur gem doesnt appear , because he doesnt show the details on the 2nd screenshot nor does he show the next page with potential gems with 58k prices aswell)

there were more posts like that, too lazy to look for them.

sure if verified, ban for life.

Hell, i would remove all rmt and even blue crystals x real cash.

I like playing F2P ladder - 0 cash in the game. That is da wae. Its more fun. Whats the point of p2w, u would have nothing to move towards.

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if they dont wanna perma ban since they probably want to give people a chance of not doing it again, start doing what RU does and make gold negative

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