Lift region block for legit players living in Asia

Now that there is a ban wave for the bots, can the regional ip ban be lifted for the legit players living in Asia. I’m a day 1 player and spent on the game and it feels terrible being IP region blocked because of the botting problems.

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i hope.

ok~given large companies often make decisions based on business intelligence, here is a possible solution for u to convince them:

see if u can somehow bring big data to show ASG that their VPN, IP ban and regional lock policies did not help reduce bots but instead falsely exlcuded legit players in asia. for example, some data like their policy ban 1 million bots but falsely exclude 3 million legit players in asia.

in short,u just show evidence to support ur argument there~ a side by side bar plot is ideal~

That’s not a supported region for the NA version. After what has transpired I can’t imagine they’d allow access again. I know there was a Chinese region release planned by smilegate. Not sure the status of that though. Last time I looked it still said TBD.

Bots were able to bypass and come back regardless of the regional ip bans. The numbers are only going down because of this bot ban wave they rolled out. Since IP ban did not matter, why gate the potential spenders from unsupported regions?

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I have a feeling they won’t revert the region lock.

The whole thing became a reason to justify the useless attempt at blocking bots from accessing the game, since most are from China. When people complained they brought up the whole ToS and supported regions thing. Now instead of admitting their attempt to block bots failed and rolling it back, they’re doubling down on it to not lose face.

Honestly it’s so dumb. They could have enjoyed ignoring it, letting unsupported region players access the game and spend money, but they just couldn’t admit their fault and now they’re stuck enforcing a bullshit rule that they didn’t need to. This is actually something I think has cost them millions, more than any other thing so far. Could have easily hired a team of GMs and dedicated bot squashers for way less.

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You will get LA from tencent very soon, dw

I don’t really care which region I play LA in, I just want to play with my NA friends man ):

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