Light green color seems to be missing from quest names and other locations

Since the patch light green colors seem to be missing from the interface.
I have turned my curser into the light green option and it is grey along with the daily tasks and several other items throughout the game. Not impacting the game directly but it is very annoying to see and harder to see some of the quest end locations along the way as the ! or ? are very much blending into the map backgrounds in the transparent overlay maps.

Watched a few streamers last night as well and they seemed to have the same issue though I do not recall if they noticed or not.


Does this look gray?



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Just making sure you weren’t colorblind friend, carry on.

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No worries. I completely understand.
Side note I also checked those settings and none seemed to help.
It only started after the patch for me.

Welcome to the forum community, Scionofthedark!

Is it possible to get a screenshot of this?

As you can see from the image the neon color in the top left is there for the wings and other icon but the daily task is now grey instead of green.

I really think you might have some colorblindness going on sir. That still looks green to me.

That daily still looks green for me. Unless you mean the 1. quest, that one is weekly.


I took this color directly from your screenshot. Does this one appear grey to you?

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Yikes, that’s not good.


ok dangit… new monitor has its own utility for filtering colors… it was filtering that particular green. False Alarm…
New MSI Monitor had a preset that seems to be filtering the color… set it to default and back to normal.

Thanks all for the input. I should have known… when the servers went down instead of playing I went to testing the new monitor software. Did not even occur to me that it was that.