Light of Salvation awakening 18 gate keeping will happen soon

I think maybe in 2 or 3 months DPS will have hard time fnding PUG party without light of Salvation 18 for clown and brelshaza

stop slacking


I main support i got 18months to get lost cliff 30

Well you gotta keep ur standards high dont‘cha

Just a forecast of things to come based on KR server.

Combat lvl 60 with LOS 18 for DPS will be standard soon for Legion starting with Clown probably

Git Gud?

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Nice RNG

100% skill not rng don’t degrade my hard work as rng.


Again nice RNG

it’s skill I’m telling you.

I have LOS 18 AND lostcliff +12 that’s skill.

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ok cool

Los 18 and proceeds to die in every wipe mechanic out there

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