Limit tier points to 10k

hey, what do you turbonerds think about limiting tier point gain to 10k? here’s how it would work:

maximum amount of tier points you can earn in a week is 10,000. maybe you still get exp based on the bracket but everyone who meets 10k just gets 100,000 weekly pvp experience.

the season levelup system is stupid and im tired of other massive losers pushing me into 1.01% after I’ve earned 15,000 points

also, pvp islands suck. nobody wants to farm these anymore, season lengths are ridiculous, you’re dumb if you disagree and I’ll fart in your mouth

We can posting our ideas here to the void. Nothink gonna change. Amazon is horrible publisher they even don’t care about their money, the game is full of boots and they can do nothink. But yea, i agree with your ideas about pvp.

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