Limited 302 Knowledge Transfers 9/9


Is it really necessary to keep the 302 Vern Knowledge Transfer limited to 9 uses? I really like playing around with almost every class, and giving all of them a shot at least. Whether those will become a legitimate alt or not is a whole other story. But I really think this system is flawed with the space being increased to 18 characters per roster max. I don’t think it’s clever to put in all that time required to level a new character / class to 50, to truly see if its for you, or not. since before that it’s just tedious work (if you’ve done it multiple times already.).

With Gold earning limited to 6 characters per roster, and being 302 is not something special at all anymore, I feel like that can just be increased to 18, or unlimited? What is the gain? I get more characters I can farm T1 materials on, which go for 1 gold? While I already created and bought a ton of character expansion slots I just don’t see myself leveling like 5 characters manually to lvl 50 again, after having enough to worry about on my main and (main) alts.

I really hope this can be fixed.

Thank you!


Cause you make way more money selling mats from alts? They just want to avoid the spam/abuse of farming alts so honing material will keep doing good at Mary shop. My opinion.

how are you gonna make mone selling tier 1 materials? unless you put in lots of gold, materials and time they aren’t gonna be tier 2, let alone tier 3 for a while, until they pay that cost back it will be ages.

10h to get to T1 isn’t really that much for someone who is playing 14+ characters at the same time (you can get 13 with just your main doing 10-50 grind). I do not think that your argument makes much sense in this situation. It is simply very boring to do 10-50 again (I already did 3 times).
Also, you get battle items and engraving chests worth about 2k gold from that grind (+ Solas card). While AGS/SG do not sell engravings, they do battleitems and card packs.