Limited server access as payed player and forced server change


we (my wife and I) pre ordered the game and got the message, that f2p players will not be able to create characters on certain servers. As it turns out we - as players actualy buying and supporting the game - now are not able to create characters on those servers too. And that sucks. Hard. The german community server Asta is our first choice because a lot (!) of friends play there. What the actual … ? Then why did we buy it in the first place?

Also, now we created characters on Trixion (and of course told a couple of friends about it), waited 1 or 2 days (as some of us are not able to play 24/7 and need to wait for like a saturday!?) and wanted to start playing now… and what do we see now? You just moved my freshly created characters to another server? (Calva-something). Another… What …the … ??

You made us regret buying the game in the first place and also our initial hype and joy completely crashed.

Are you guys going to “fix” that? Or would we now be forced to play without all our friends?


Ah well… and showing some generic popup saying that you will closely watch population and will try to raise server capacity and that you hope players will be play together on other servers… is exactly the oposite of what a paying customer wants to hear.