Limited User Accounts

Hello, I have a problem with restricted accounts and accounts that are not in a trusted status:

I paid $ 5 to my account,activated the phone protection,according to steam, this account now needs to be trusted (i.e. it is considered trusted now.) but lost ark still can’t see it, he still can’t understand the account in its trusted state,when I contacted the support worker 2-3 times, he told me:
" you can check it out in 7 hours."
“After 30 Days, your account will be trusted”
" paid $5 and adding a phone is not enough, you can get a trusted status by making an extra in-game payment"
messages were given such as,which of these will I trust,my account is still not in the trusted status(when I read the article, we don’t need to pay in-game for lost ark, it’s enough to get the trusted status on steam.) i will be happy if you can help. @Roxx and other players

well as of recent update right now, fact is you have to pay real word money to ingame store first to be trusted.

no one can help you with that, its on their system.

Hello @Thelastnightyy, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to read that your account is not trusted yet, as you mentioned the required steps then unfortunately there is currently nothing else to do besides waiting for your account’s Trusted Status to be updated which we currently cannot provide an estimated time for how long it would take.

As mentioned in the release notes of the Wreck the Halls update, making an in-game purchase is not required for earning the Trusted Status, however it can be done as an alternative route to earning it; you can read more about the required steps for it in the following article:

Hope this information helps, have a good day in Arkesia.

don’t get your hopes up, it’s been 33 days since I did all required steps, still restricted, amazon support is useless, great gaming experience :smiley:
I am trusted on steam for 2-3 weeks already