Line of Sight (LOS)

Hi fellow PvPers. How about haveing some obstacles in our arenas so I can run around and hug my tree/pillar/wall…

As I’ve always played support in pvp whatever the game and seeing the topics atm i guess i’m going to get lapidated for this.

Anyways los is a good feature for anywone, wheter a support or a ranged, or a dd who’s low on life and needs to tempo.

You try hiding around a pillar with Sorc abilities on either side and tell me how that goes

Hmmm that goes you have to bait them, just like on arenas now. You look at it like you’re looking to get to them, but your comment could go the other way round, what if you need to tempo behind a pillar from a ranged dps?

I like how pvp is rn i don’t know if i would play a version with obstacles cause it seems off

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Use your teammates as pillars.