Link friends to account, not to character

I have created a bunch of characters to play with my friends and with each character I need to add my friends again. Would be nice if once I add them, I dont need to do that again for another character.



This is essential for a MMO which encourages multiple characters :pleading_face:

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+1 for this. It would be a great feature.

Oh god, this doesn’t make sense for a MMO.

I also noticed the GUILD feature is on a CHARACTER-basis, and having to REJOIN the same guild, that has a LIMITED AMOUNT OF SPACE is seriously a bad bad idea.

Friends list and Guilds should be ACCOUNT-WIDE or at least SERVER-WIDE.

I can use Steam friends to check on my friends, but that’s not good if I want to use the game features. If we are swapping classes for dungeons or raids, we shouldn’t have to deal with this stuff each time. This game was advertized by people as alt-friendly, so I hope these 2 major issues are changed so that the game can really be alt-friendly. It doesn’t make sense to use 6 guild slots if I want my 6 classes to be in a guild. It also makes managing a friend list a real pain in the arse if each characters are separate.


This was feedback in alpha too but I just don’t think it is doable because it’s the same for all regions

As said before, this is not really something that they can change. LA is like this in all regions, and it would require you to have an actual account that is somehow linked, which would require lots of development from SG.

Thanks for the feedback! It is appreciated and will be shared.


Totally agree, friends must be linked to an account level :slight_smile:

I really do not like the idea.
I want to keep one character as my “go away, I want to play solo today”. People already bug you to switch toon and go heal them if they see you’re playing with guilded alts, I don’t need to be available all the time.

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they should be tied to account not character

That’s where an “away, appear offline” status would come in handy.

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I’m used to having the Friends List and Guild be separate due to playing Final Fantasy XIV. However, I can understand the benefits of having both linked to your account instead of your character due to Lost Ark’s nature of wanting to have a main character and multiple alts. This would be a very nice quality of life to see added.

Friends list, yes, please, we want every character to see our added fellow players so we can communicate easily in-game.
But hold on with that Guild account-wide bound.
If I’m going to create a Guild myself, I’ll be stuck on my own Guild across the whole account, going by what you’re asking.
Maybe I want to be in PvE oriented Guild on my Berserker, but on PvP oriented one with Deathblade, or RP Guild, etc…
If I get to choose only one and it’s account-wide, I’d feel left out from a chunk of juicy group content, and I sure as heck wouldn’t be leaving/joining guilds on a frequent basis.
THE ONLY exception to this is if guild system was done similarly to Guild Wars 2, which is an account-wide guild system,
but with 5 guilds available to join, selecting one of them to represent actively.
If this is what you had in mind, please correct yourself and if not, then I am against a single account-wide guild bind idea.

Gonna give my thumbs up for this. I like this idea. What would be ideal is the option to add a friend to a single character or the account. This way I can have close friend knowing when I’m on any characters and everyone else only on the character I met them on.

Yes, this!

I would prefer if they didn’t do this, personally. I don’t want everyone to know all my alts. A friend list that’s more than 50 people would be a good start.

Korea and russia still have this feature, Amazon wont change this.

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How about a system similar to the Real ID in World of Warcraft then where you have the option to add people to the accounts friends list or the characters friends list, and both types of friends are showed in the same in-game friends list? I know that in WoW it’s tied to the account, but there’s nothing saying that it can’t be a standalone feature without the client too. An alternative could be to integrate the Steam friends list to the in-game one, showing what characters your Steam friends are playing at the moment. It’d probably require some cooperation with Valve but atm I’m just throwing ideas out there. Or I guess a second alternative could be for them to use an Amazon / AGS account to accomplish the same thing.

People can bash on WoW as much as they want but some functions are actually kinda nice, and having the option to add people to account or character friends lists seems like a pretty nice way to do things. It allows people who don’t want every single character friend to know all your alts, while you have the option to share it with the people you choose.

It might not actually be doable for AGS right now but one can always make requests, and even if it’s not possible for them to implement it now, they can always keep it in their back-pocket for a later time when it might be more feasible if they know it’s something the players want.

The current system is really clunky when playing with a group of friends who all have multiple characters.