Linking Steam accounts and the connection to "mutes/Shadowbans"


Yesterday afternoon EU Time I wrote in the Korean Guys thread and from one message to another I wasn’t able to reply anymore.

Without a message of a mute or anything popping up and other people reporting that it also happened to them and that they can’t reply to any thread, we assumed we got shadowbanned.

Now I saw yesterday night that they changed the Forum a bit. Before you could just make a new Amazon account and write in this forum. Since yesterday afternoon you need to have your Steam Account linked to the Forum Account to be able to reply and make threads.

This could have been communicated better, but in the end I really appreciate the change and this should, in general, stop troll and bait accounts like our very forum-famous friend that made 2 or 3 accounts and got suspended on all of them (not saying names here, but people should know who I mean).

In the end, the linking will hopefully lead to a more healthy forum community, do its greatly appreciated from my side.