List of SH form threads, pls reconsider giving ppl choice at least

I know that as CMs @Community-Team u probably cant do anything but I would like you to show this thread to your higher ups at least, to reconsider giving people choice at least.

It would be nice If u gave players option to swap to KR ver. of SH (even If its on client side and on server side we will be black for other ppl) or do it as downloadable DLC

Clearly u have huge amount of feedback to this issue yet u guys just decided to brush it off with one sided statement.

This is most likely not even all the posts, just quick search I have done since the patch hit :slight_smile:

edit: added some missing posts

(Threads that have “Oops! That page doesn’t exist” msg are deleted for some reason, they were active at the time of posting of this thread)

Reddit feedback to your change:


Awesome work! This can’t be overlooked any longer.

The Community has spoken. What will you do @Roxx ?


i applaud the effort you put into compiling all these posts.

Although Roxx has responded that the SH changes will remain as they are, it will be good to get a more elaborate response.


Thats so much work! Damn!

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There’s one more

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A lot of people wish they come with a compromise or some way to improve the changes instead of stuck with an very inferior degraded version implemented in our version.
People asked why they couldnt simply make the skin tone of the transformation the same as your original character or is it even possible to do this at all? They dont state to any of our responses why they dont do any of our suggestion and decide to execute the most cheapest and worse options out of the many. However, still question why they use their own human resource and time just to cheaply cover the transformation with a filter.
Simply put i wish the CM or Devs will discuss with the fans of the options available instead of leaving them in the dark of adamant that they wouldnt give a second thought of improvement.

Third Option: If it has to stay ‘shadowy blue’ – PLEASE MAKE IT LOOK BETTER AND NOT A BLOB.


You put more work into this post than AGS/SG did with our SH version.


I’ve lost all hope, guys…



That’s what they want you to do to shut up about this topic and sweep it under the rug

This is embarrasing. I have to play my Demonic as a washed out character instead of the original korean one.

remember korean are laughing at us on inven can’t post screens or link cause i got ban

They wont change it guys, get over it. As long as the cash keeps flowing in AGS doesnt give a shit about us players.


added it to the list

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Its exactly as you say, as long as they get money from players no matter what they do they´ll continue with their woke agenda. It is obvious they never play their own game, the number of black skinned Shadowhunters is very low but no matter that they make SH demon form black, also they never listen what playerbase said to them in forums asking if not begging to leave as it is in the Kr version the new SH transformation.
Until they wont realize that “go woke go broke” is real they will continue doing their mess with the game, and you will see more censored costumes, race changed NPCs, and more awful demon form for SH.

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can you send in private message?

it’s not hard to find and i’m sure there is post on forum with links on it