Literally Gamebreaking

Due to the CONSTANT disconnects, we cannot properly Raid in this game. This is the main basis of the game, and I am now jailed in g3 vykas because FOUR PLAYERS DISCONNECTED with 1 bar remaining in g2 vykas. 1 other player had disconnected at ~12bars and made it back in.

Then after reforming a group for G3 with completely different players, there were 1-3 disconnects on every attempt and it cannot be completed.


Hello @Norge,

I am sorry to hear about your lost entry and therefore the reward based on players getting disconnected during a run but please bear in mind we do not provide re-entry tickets in cases not caused by a verified server crash or outage.

We’ve set up a system that will automatically reissue entries in scenarios caused by a verified server crash or outage within 48 hours. That is to say, if the system does not reissue your entry ticket automatically on this occasion, we will not be able to do so manually. You can read on how we handle these scenarios here.

Note the system counts any entries as consumed whether or not these are completed runs. This means if you started a Gate 1, it will be considered consumed and not allow access to Gate 1 again and Gate 2 will not be accessible given Gate 1 was not completed.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Huh? Thats not the problem @Fenrirskoll the problem is that the content cannot be played due to the constant server disconnect issues that are being experienced by ALL players.

We seriously deserve a massive compensation package for every day that this issue is not resolved.

Something was changed in the game 2 wednesdays ago, and ever since then everyone has been getting randomly disconnected.

Also, as of this last maintenance, the auction house is completely unusable due to “Too many adventurers are using this service”.

Something has changed, and unless this is resolved, you are going to lose a large majority of the player base.


Hello @Norge,

Thank you for following up on this topic. Please note both points you mention can be affected by higher volumes of players at certain times. Where we can definitely understand these disconnections can be frustrating, the system still only considers server outages or crashes to grant return entries.

I understand the points you make though and remind you that you can share your thoughts and feelings in the Feedback section of the forums or you can also submit your valuable feedback by filing a web ticket here.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

@Fenrirskoll please move this thread to that section if needed. I don’t want to repost.


Volume of players and bots are not the same.

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Dont you know? We are playing the new expansion!:

Arkesia: Receiving Ticket Simulator.

You disconnect in a Raid, you receive a ticket, you try to use it again, you disconnect, you receive a ticket…

With the special Jackpot which is:
You disconnect… And you dont receive a ticket, so you have to make a ticket to AGS Support to read their response of “Buy a better PC/internet”, doesnt care if you have a 12Gbs video card last generation with 64Gbs Ram and permawired via cable 24/7 and you never disconnects, except in Lost Ark…

The first who gets all his stash tabs full of Raid Tickets, win the game!


I completely agree. yesterday we had disconnect every second pull in raid. Im wondering what will be the compensation since we are basically losing our weekly income(50k golds+) because we cant do raids and we are getting kicked out of chaos, guardians, islands etc.

It happens at all times no matter where you play from or when. My entire guild while playing apart from one another experienced mass Disconnects in different types of content and observing others disconnecting as well that play from other servers.

This is not purely a traffic issue. Traffic could possibly make it worse but the root of the problem is still a mystery (maybe) and it is still an ongoing issue that is now weeks old. It’s being treated like a minor issue even though the forums, discords and the in game player base has been talking about it for awhile now.

We don’t need re-entry tickets if the servers weren’t being complete garbage and instead allow us to complete the content without worry of disconnecting 3-5 times per raid.

We need action. Sitting idly by and allowing this to continue is a terrible choice to make as a business.

Today I got lagged during 16 seconds Solo playing South Vern Campaign with an alter…

And im doing that just because Raiding is a f* hell right now and I dont want to waste resources and time ad infinitum for a non Players problem.

I dont care if I have to repeat mech wipes or teach ppl to do them, but I hate loss for an external problem like servers disconnects we cant control.

Its like back to 90’s as if I were playing with a 26.6Kbs modem :person_facepalming: or worst.

Come up with a PROPER way to deal with bots. It is a disgrace to see responses like this when real players are obviously affected while trying to play – when bots are yet again running riot and increasing the load on already badly supported game.

Just STOP catering to whaling - bring out balanced content. Make ALL GEMS account bound instead of allowing bots and Bus drives to use it as a way to damage the game for everyone else.

It’s insane that they don’t understand that this is not a problem on the player side. This is problem which can happen to everybody after the last patch!

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@Fenrirskoll the proposed fix that was implemented last night during maintenance, I can confirm, did NOT resolve this issue.

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