Literally why lockout for declining -_-

I declined a pvp match and now i have a 2 hour lockout… what the heck is even that?

(This is rhetorical obviously but sometimes you never know how people will take it lol.)

You don’t get a penalty of 2 hours for one match declining.

ok? so if i decline a match for having stuff happening in real life I get a lockout for 2 hours? lmfao

Dude, i told you that you DON’T get such a high penalty for decline one match. There must have been more going on than that to get such a high penalty.

Also, matching can be canceled.

yea so how does anything you said help? you didnt even ask the situation. you are just a broken record right now… are you ok?

Were you in a party? Maybe the leader didn’t notice and kept queueing.

nvm it’s an old post

he explained it to you
but i have a good day

you press the pvp queue button
you are than in the pvp queue

if you leave that pvp queue ( like switching regions stopp actively the queue , log out etc) , nothing happens

if you wait till that popup window is there like → there was a match found
and theres a timer popup to:
( dont know other possibilitys , cause your char is looked that second anymway)

you get a strike afterwards
if you have 2 strikes , → 20 minute lockout
if you do it again on the same day , to do that 3 things of not participate a match while that 30 second window → your punishments rises

Ptchnotes from 15.Nov. 2022
Enhanced the Proving Grounds’ penalty system.

  • The existing penalty system will be changed to a cumulative penalty method. After the first warning, if additional penalties are applied, penalty length accumulates.
  • Penalty time increases depending on the cumulative number of penalties.
    • First penalty: 20 minutes
    • Second penalty: 40 minutes
    • Third penalty: 60 minutes
    • Fourth penalty: 120 minutes
  • All Proving Grounds content is restricted while the penalty is applied, other than custom matches.

so if you say you dont know why you get punished with 2 hours… you are kinda have way worse problems than this 2 hours punishments

@HoloAri said almost all what was to say

dont play dump

edit: there are 2 minor reasons why the system got changed

first to prevent in low populated region where you wait a long time , just to afk and then dont show up , so that 5 others have a bad waititng experience
second, its helps against wintrading methods like 6 people queue at the same time and then brake up if one does not get the popup in time

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So many angry people on here lmao

Soooo lockout for 2 hours seems like it makes sense? in your head?

go bully someone else

first of all i didnt bully you! i explained exactly how this 2 hours conclude to your account.

also you told here : exactly in that 30 seconds while matchmaking starts you had reallife.

but that means you got before some lockouts aswell… if you every time queue and then have to go afk or something thats bad to others

yes it makes sense to me , because 5 other people are waiting in that queue aswell and because you have realllife they have matchmaking declines because of your reallife.
exactly that is defenitely a reason you get punished.
you are for others a reason why they have bad game experience while waiting in queue

thats not a bully thats just another perspective how this works and whats the reason behind it

you are egoistic and thought you get here some help, while people tell you that you deserved it and didnt tell us the full truth
for you that sounds like bullying… but you got 4 strikes … not one its 4 and you not even think about that you give others a bad game experience by afking while queuing

I acutally have a question does this accumulative pentalty fade or reset overtime? Haven’t missed any queues lately coz the previous keyboard input change, but I still want to know if I ever miss 2 and get the 20 min penalty; does it reset sometime later or the thing just keep going up accumulative to 2 hrs and stay there for good.

its a daily reset

atleast its reset after time from what i heared , i think its daily