Little help to new players who feel lost

Hello Im Vengon. Im someone who have over 4k hours and after spending few days on forum I decided to help new players little bit because forum/reddit/ingame chat and streams are full of false informations. Theres a possibility this will get edited multiple times because I definitely skip some important info and I want to put more and more informations to it. I will try to answer all questions what u guys have.

Lets start with typical questions what we can see everywhere sadly the answer is always different:

  1. Is this game free to play friendly?
    Yes. it will take some time to catchup but once in a while we are getting Powerpass and expresspass. Powerpass gives you boost to Tier 3 where you can instantly work on your character and Express pass gives you itemlevel push to catchup faster, make good alts for farming and spend less golds and resources on them.
  1. How many characters should I make?
    This really depends on your time. Realistically you should always make at least 3 characters at start and slowly work on 6 characters later on with expresspass/powerpass. You dont really need to play them actively but its good to have them parked on 1370 ilvl for oreha dungeon golds and argos. This alone will help you alot at start to push your main higher.

  2. Can I have good character as f2p? how when everything feels expensive?
    This is a tricky question. Yes you can have amazing character but the truth is some classes are alot cheaper than another ones and I will probably post some specific information to this later on.

  1. Im level 50 what I need to do every day to progress?
    Every activity have different value so based on your time try to follow this:
    Chaos dungeons > leapstone una’s task > guardian raids > world boss/chaos gate/ pirate ship/ weekend pvp islands depends on specific day > spend your energy on fishing/excavating for little bit of golds and long term profit with higher levels > islands for cards/pirate coins > pvp for vendor to buy a bit more mats

  2. Where can I find some info about content? where can I find guides for raids/islands or ingame mechanics?
    Build Guides, Resources, News and Raid Guides for Lost Ark -
    this is your biggest friend for everything you need to know about the game itself.
    Bard Community Guide - Google Docs
    Here you have guide on every class what we currently have.


Thanks Vengon! I think it is awesome that you are reaching out to new players. You have touched on a lot of important information for proper progression. I understand that the game is designed for end game content. However, players like myself, maybe new to mmo’s or maybe just recently got back into PC gaming. For what ever reason, I am enjoying the personal aspects of the game with character development. I absolutely want to experience ALL the content. The challenge here is connecting with similar ilvl players for your group dailies. Often you are grouped in with high level players and you simply get bussed through the raid or event such as abyssal. Basically any group activity. So what have you learned? How can you hone in on your skills and play mechanics? Right now, I am holding 3 characters @ ilvl 1370. I have a new character @ ilvl 50 and I am hoping to find a way to connect with similar ilvl players for the group content or dailies. I think the answer is to have a website that has 5 links:

  • Server
  • ilvlv 50 or new
  • T1
  • T2
  • T3 (pre - 1370)
    Once you select the starting point you wish to work on with similar ilvl players, you can provide your character info, intentions and play time. Keep in mind that this is designed for players that may be trying to play on their own, not with a group of friends or having a hard time connecting with players that are not just looking towards end game content, but are trying to experience and learn what the Dev’s are producing. I have tried the in game features, such as joining a guild, but this has not produced what I have hoped for. This is the only tool I see that is not working for me. I have many useful links for locations and maps, hidden quest details or secrets and guides. But what I really need is to be able to connect with players at my level that are not just flashing through to end game. I did submit my feedback through the online feature that was posted to end on Monday, so we will see if that helps. I may even try to develop something that provides these features…
    Stuck with no where to go… ATM

This is something I was always thinking about because sometimes I need to join on lower abyss dungeons and I know I might ruin someone’s experience. Sadly our region is trying to catchup so everything below legion raids is considered as ‘‘old expansion’’ and its forgotten. The only possible way to have fun even in older non meta content would probably be joining some guild for players like you or try to make a lobby but those might take some time because I dont know how many players like you are able to join and enjoy it just for the encounter itself and not for fast item progression.

it would be amazing if we have some tabs for this either on main website with discord links or in forum so new players are able to find their space in easier way. Yes community itself can make it too but it will always be better as official information.

Yes, I agree that it should be supported “In Game”
Actually, there is already a tool in game that could be adjusted or modified to have these specific details. Pocyon’s Compass.
Would it not be possible to include some selection mechanism for each tier and ilvl? Not just setting the required ilvl, but put a cap on it so that it matches your tier and includes all of the daily activities that are required for proper progression. This is so important for the newcomer(level 50) that is just now being able to access all the new content. Now the player will be able to select a time and day for the event, knowing that the range of players will more closely match with their characters ilvl. This is what I want. I want to earn my way to endgame. what is it they say: “It’s not about getting there, it’s about the journey”
Ultimately, this is leveling the playing field, allowing you to gain experience with your skills and figuring out the proper rotations. In fact. you may even figure out your own devastating flow.

as if the game had any new players beside bots :joy: