Little soon... but roadmap for months after may in the works?... or not even an idea

Kinda title, just wanted to know if the community or a lovley CM will come and tell the community if a roadmap is in the works? Or planned? Or even being talked about internally. Maybe details on next month?

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I’d be surprised if they learned nothing from the first roadmap process, and if it wasn’t already in the making. Probably get the next one May describing what to expect in June July August

Thats the hope i guess but not sure if we will get 2 or 3 months next or they will work on other things. Just kinds excited after this most recent update for things we can look for in the future. Like vykas and other things

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I’m just taking the whole of summer as a season, like it wouldn’t make sense to do June and July and then August and September, and just because they did a 2 month roadmap now shouldn’t mean they will continue doing 2 months every time. So yeah here’s to hoping it will be something nice