Little Things That I'd Like to See

I actually really really like Lost Ark. I enjoy it quite a bit, including the combat, at least for my main (about to make my first alt- yay!), the story, the characters, rapport system, adventure tome system, exploration/island stuff, and a bit more.

However, here are a few, smaller things that I’d like to see added, or a few problems I’d like to see fixed up

  • If a non PVP island is rather large, at lease when there is no co-op or siege event going on, I would like to be able to use a mount on the island, even if it’s a specialty mount, like the Azure Island mount.

  • If you have a quest-item/goal or an NPC to talk to in an area where mobs are, please, please. make it so that either you are invincible, or their attacks can’t cancel the interaction. Sometimes I’ll kill the mob and either the respawn rate is way too fast, the aggro-range is too large, or it’s both, and it’ll take around 5+ attempts to actually finish the interaction.

  • For similar reasons, it would be really really nice if you were able to forage plants, and carve your hunts without it being cancelled by mobs. This is already a thing for excavating, logging, and mining, so I don’t really know why this isn’t a thing for foraging and carving.

  • I get the point the “matchmaking” is supposed to be totally random, but it would be pretty nice to be able to select “beginner” or “veteran”, very similar to how Elder Scroll Online does their dungeon system, but instead it being a “veteran” difficulty, you are paired with others with the understanding that you’ve either already cleared this dungeon before, you are very familiar with what to do and expect others to as well, and/or you’re completely overpowered for it. Same rewards. This would be different than party finder because it’s still random, but it would help avoid frustration and flaming.

  • It would also be nice to have more opportunities to acquire amethyst shards, especially since their rewards are unique, and some require quite a bit of saving. To be honest, having it be included in a once-per-week thing for events or once-per-roster for events would be a step-up. Or a stupid incredibly rare drop for certain co-op things would also be a step-up.

  • I am actually begging you… please improve the RNG for certain things like certain adventure tome items, Isle of Yearning Island Soul, etc. Some of this is just ridiculous.

  • I am also begging you to increase the ways of obtaining or, at least, the RNG of the current methods of obtaining the Crafting Kits. I really am ready to upgrade to Expert Tools (and beyond) but I have NOT been able to get my hands on an expert crafting tool kit, and it’s over 2700 gold on the marketplace, on my server.

  • I would like to be able to dye any skins I receive via the marketplace or auctionhouse.

  • I think it makes the most sense to be able to send way more than we already can, if not everything, to the auctionhouse.

These are incredibly tiny things for me, and they don’t really make-or-break anything for me. Any more than a few of you might dis-agree with me or feel that they are un-necessary, which is okay, we just have a difference in opinion. Also, I know this is a relatively long list, but they are things that actively come to mind when I experience when they would be more convenient.

Side Note: I also think it would be kinda cool to have sort of a bounty system to report bots, but I 100% only see this being abused- where people would create bots just to get the bounties and/or people reporting at mass and/or random for the bounties, even if the person is a real person.

  1. disagree, I like that mounts are not usable on islands. Alot of them are very well crafted and you would miss alot of details if you used a mount. Also on more crowded islands it would ruin the immersion for me
  2. 100% agree, this was so annoying during leveling. I was reading every quest and some quests dont even give you enough time before mob spawns right next to the quest giver guy. Or some other person aggroes mobs on top of you and doesnt kill them.
  3. This is a thing. Every tool has a chance to have interupt immunity. So I am guessing your excavating, logging, and mining tools have it. You can craft new epic tools or wait for legendary, There is a higher chance to get the stat on legendary.
  4. hmm I am not sure if this would help. I dont think many people would use the begginer matchmaking becouse even if they are bad, most people will want to get carried. So there would be much longer queue times for begginers and most would ultimately quit and just join the veteran.
  5. Agree, or atlest share some plans for Amethys crystals. So far the only stable way to get them is with Amazon prime and you cant even get it in some countries. Feels weird that there is a vendor in game but no explenation in game on what the currency actually is and how to get it.
  6. Adventure tome items are pretty cheap to get from market. Havent farmed Isle of Yearnning yet. I dont mind these being super rare as they dont really progress your character. It’s better if stuff like turtle ship or 13ignea token mount are rare to see. Makes it more memorable and the player stands out more for their effort.
  7. Can’t comment, I dont do excavating maps so I just bought the legendary kits from marketplace
  8. Dying everything would be nice, but sadly its that way becouse the undyeable skins are old and outdated. Don’t think they will change them. But all new skins for KR are dyeable as far as I know.
  9. You mean posting more then 10 items on marketplace? Agree, specially since alot of the items cost 50gold or less.

Glad you like the game. I love it too but it has some stuff that needs polishing. What disappoints me most is that it feels like AGS can’t really fix alot of these minor issues becouse its not their game. Like I was complaining that some chairs and beds kick you off after 10seconds and some let you sit in them forever (to be able to take screenshots or RP for example). It seems like easy fix, but at the same time feels like something impossible to change even if AGS wanted to.

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First. I just want to say thank you for respectfully sharing your opinion as well as explain your argument (and I can’t believe I feel the need to thank you for that :joy: :sweat_smile:)

You pose a good argument regarding the mounts on the island, and I definitely can see your point there. For the beginner/vet matchmaking thing, I definitely will admit the concept of it has some flaws and I don’t really have solution for them. My biggest hope for them is that people would understand the beginner queue is definitely more for casuals and that the game would spell it out, for that. In my eye, this would make things more “casual” and “beginner” friendly, while giving the more “veteran”/“hardcore” players their space (outside of party-finder, which has a different purpose than matchmaker in the end). This way both casuals and hardcore players would have no excuse complaining about what they are expecting in term of team-mates they matchmake with, which, I feel, leads to less conflict with this (admittedly-hot) issue. Which, in turn, helps with player retention and new-player-acquisition. I absolutely do see how this can lead to very long “beginner” queues, if implemented, due to the ration of casual to hardcore players, that I have personally seen, at least. Again, I could absolutely be foolish and wrong in what I envision here, and there are probably better solutions out there, absolutely.

I do work in software, and recently posted my viewpoint of what probably is happening from the dev side of things in terms of releases, bugs, and updates. I definitely could be wrong, and not everyone really cares, but thought it might potentially shed some light, if AGS, as a software company works in the typical manner I usually see :yum: