Live chat support telling me 24 hours now saying 48 hours for reentry lol

imagine telling people when their servers cucked thousand of people on raids and chaos and saying 24 hours that it will take then telling me today that it will take 48 hours? lol a billion dollar company with one of the best server hosting andddd they cant even fix a west coast server and ontop cucking thousands of players on a WEEKEND where most people are free to complete a raid -clap clap clap-

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At this point it is pretty obvious that “we have a system in place that will re-grant access to activities that have weekly lockout timers when a game server crash or outage occurs” is naught more than a blatant lie. CM post 15 hours ago states “Tickets should be going out now for those that were kicked out of dungeon/raid/ticketed content” yet there’s still nothing received ingame. And best of all, if you contact support, they basically tell you to get fucked.

10/10 GOTY

There are tons of people who lost their entries to Valtan due to the unscheduled maintenance on last Saturday morning still haven’t received the tickets yet. So don’t put so much hope on it, their ticket system mostly likely won’t work