Live DPS Meters Are A Bad Thing

Paper Doll DPS, Paper DPS Calcs, Test Dummies.

All cool. They let you theory craft and practice rotations.

Live DPS meters however are an awful thing outside Guild World First / Server First progression and I have no idea why people would want it in this game. Majority of game play isn’t guild based. The iLVL gaps make sure of this, so why is this considered a good feature?

A live DPS meter without a proper use just breeds Toxicity. Not to mention this is an eastern MMO where one level (Terra) or 10 iLVL makes you do notably higher damage. It’s silly.



With a flurry of posts about DPS meters I decided to explain why they’d be bad for this game.
Thanks though for being an example of base toxicity in this game that would only get worse.

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DPS meters are fun. W.E. delusion you have about toxicity it just doesn’t exist in a group that performs. When people deviate from the norm and do absolutely near 0 dps + cant do mechanics and drags the whole group down is when toxicity arises.

None of those have anything to do with DPS meter. Usually low dps = bad stats and engravings which gets weeded out on party finder.


Like I mentioned they’re good for guilds pushing world first / server firsts.

In a game like this it’s pretty easy to tell who’s performing and who’s not.

Also Subjugating players for Engravings is just as bad given the whales who hardly play.
Stats I get but only because it’s an eastern MMO.

The toxicity is a player choice and that can be weeded out. Play with other like-minded people. A DPS meter gives you a sense of how you are performing in a live scenario. The current MVP screen is very flawed and still allows for the behavior you are against. Why would a personal DPS meter be worse than MVP?

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Nah, they’re fine. Toxic people are toxic. If they’re not toxic over this, they’ll be toxic over something else.


Leechers and grey parsers in shambles. Just play a support than no one ever cares bout your dps. For now…until support parse start being a thing yea baby lets go. Orange bard parses.


I would argue they are an awful thing even in WF progression.

When Hell Modes come out, the HP bars are intentionally hidden by a grey ??? bar. The idea is that you are supposed to have less awareness of exactly how close you are to progress and use what the boss is doing and what they look like to figure that out.

Nah, the MVP screen doesn’t appear between attempts because it only appears after the clear. When the content is cleared, people magically are less toxic. And any toxicity after the clear, is irrelevant and doesn’t affect the reason you queued…which was to clear the content.

The main issue would be bringing up parses as a reason to kick or stop the run after a wipe. DPS meters would be a massive decrease to overall pug success rates across the board.

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If it’s a personal DPS meter, is that not a fair compromise?


why do you need a personal dps meter? just look at the numbers on your screen

Possibly. I would like a personal DPS meter. Although, you are gonna have those andies mathing out their personal DPS to do the same thing and yelling at others to post their logs. It would be a convoluted disaster but not as bad as an overall log.

No1 would do that lol too much effort.

Are you aware of what DPS means?

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This I agree with 100%. MVP is a stupid and flawed system.
A personal DPS meter would be fine but that’s not how many have ever been though.
Generally people just throw out the graphs in-game and it’s gross IMO. I personally never said a word when I topped DPS as guild MT. I played all day every day. That’s what happens.

My main argument against this is because they’re guild related. WF and SF are guilds and players coming up short get helped by others in the guild. Usually the class leader.

Though, “Not knowing” is a fun aspect I enjoy. It’s one thing I like about Guardian Raids.
I’ve watched one guy sometimes myself battle it out till the timer is almost done.

Idk if someone was going to go to those extremes in a pug they would do it with their own MVP damage screens as well. I’ve honestly never seen anyone be toxic about damage in this game because there are really no hardline DPS checks. I have seen people be toxic about missing mechanics. There is already a 3rd party DPS meter someone this obsessed could install anyway (against ToS).

Real gamers don’t experience toxicity, noobs do. Get really good at the game and I promise you all that “toxicity” disappears. This is true at the high end of every game, good players in general are not toxic because there’s no reason to be.

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if you mean by high end the top 0.01% sure

I don’t get toxicity directed towards me and if I make a mistake I say something to show I know I screwed up and know what I’m supposed to do. I just really dislike seeing it and it’s quite abundant in modern MMOs or the internet in general. No reason to give people more tools to kid flex.

Umm no. I played Wow for 15 years with the meter on and trust me: It breeds toxicity. Yes it’s nice to see how you do on fights and if you improve and in guild/friend setting it’s fine. But in random groups? there were always going to be those few elitist jerks that will be nasty and toxic because they happened to be up top that time.
OP is right about one thing, even build right if someone is 45 ilvl higher than you are, you will NEVER do better than them unless their build is bad but I doubt that someone who spends a fortune to get to 1445+ cannot spend a little more to get the right accessories/legendary engravings.
You don’t need meter to see if someone is doing the mechanics and you don’t need meter to see if they have the right build. We just need the patch from KO that shows who contributed what battle items is all. We don’t need another tool for the rich/no lifers to be using against the rest.

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