Live Player Population is about 30-50% bots

I want to start of by saying it is pure speculation and an educated guess, so feel free to disagree.

Here are the points where I based my guess on:

Lost arks Top compared to the Low of each 24h has a difference of about -25% in most cases about 120k to 180k players.

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 16.43.00
Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 16.42.55

Almost every other game has an average of about -50% when comparing the tops to the lows, some even higher then this.

So if we apply a drop of -50% of real players from the top on Lost Ark then we can do some quick math. A drop from 120k-180k * 2 would be 240k to 360k actual concurrent players at the top.

This number would check out with the amount of players directly after the April Content Update. Assuming that botters etc need time to get everything running again etc.

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 16.43.13

So according to my assumptions and some simple math I can deduce Lost ark has about 300k concurrent players and the 200k-250k other “players” can be assumed to be bots.

Feel free to share your thoughts, u can miss me with any of your opinions that have no actual backing and is just “dead game all bots”

TLDR: About 300k actual players and 200k-250k bots making a total of 40%-45% bots


its new players


more than 50%. i think its more like 80% , no joke look at any town or area and see how rampant it is, and compare the price of gold when the bots return. its doubled since the update


Could very well be, my calculation is purely comparing graphs to other games and doing some math. Actual numbers might be higher or lower but at least it gives some perspective to where we can guess around

taken from reddit if we assume berserker and sorcerer are around 10% each without bots you are probably right


Nah never 80% or even 50%. Keep in mind that the situation you have in NA is not in every region. In EU we have some bots but very far from what you have.

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That’s why I put 30-50%, as I said there is no way to accurately know but my guess is purely comparing Lost Arks concurrent player graphs to almost every other game on steam. So in my opinion I can make a pretty accurate guess which is 30-50% depending on what time u look at it.

Thank you for the analysis but I would say you are way too much optimistic. It would be great if the real players make 25%…


Yet you still have to consider than bots are connected 24/24 where most players spend 4h or less everyday.

I’m rather optimistic because also from my experience I can find parties almost instantly during any hour of the day, especially since I play between 1am and 6am. Plus my guess is purely from comparing graphs, there are probably many more measures to take into account but I’d say my guess can’t be too far off.

Exactly that’s why I thought about 200-300k bots would be accurate and 150k actual players at low and 360k at high since it would clock out at the tops and the lows. But I can never be 100% sure


I think I read somewhere if you play in offline mode, it won’t count to those graphics.

If that’s a reality then I think the margin of error for actual concurrent players and bots will be way higher lol

i’ve noticed this too, we have bots but not nearly as hardcore as the NA regions, in my server there have been no bots in sea of gienah area chat for ages, i saw one bot message this week and it caught me by surprise bc it had been such a long time since one showed up lol

why is this so though? kinda weird imo

In my experience I can find a match instantly and I haven’t seen that many bots but that might be just my experience or server.

I haven’t had many bots in chat either, but when I did my story quests in South-Vern I could see swamps with bots which made me a bit worried since for every 10 bots I saw there were maybe 2 players.

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I didn’t really see any bots in south Vern but it might be because I did it on the first day.

Oh for sure, I can find parties instantly even at 4am so I’m not really worried about the actual playercount. Just more giving some info to players that would be interested in the numbers.

Yea I mean like while doing South-Vern in the North-Vern continent around chaos dungeons etc

Also I have seen many actual accounts 1370+ that are being used for bots but probably were hacked/stolen

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It definitely makes sense. Social media consumption and players count is directly linked.

You should also check view counts on game guide websites like “Maxroll”. Even just the number of view counts of these websites would give away the real new players count.

For example, let say that at launch month 10k people checked “panda island mokokos location” page on maxroll, but the last month the same page has only 2k views.

This would immediately give away the real new players number.