Living Abroad VPN Required?

I just moved to South Korea for school. Some friends said I might need to get a VPN or my account could get banned for trying to log in from afar. Can anyone verify 1) if I have to do that and 2) what’s a good choice for VPN?


I mean I can verify that you’ll get banned for using a VPN as its against ToS,
There is no reason why you would get banned for not using one tho.


Hi @SeniorFoolTTV, Lost ark does not allow users to connect with a VPN.
I do not believe you will get a permanent ban for trying to connect with a VPN but it will block you until you remove the VPN connection to lost ark then you should be OK to connect again.

For some official information on this I will put a couple of links below to official information on this.

The simple answer is NO, you are not allowed to use a VPN to play Lost Ark here.
If you are in a country that appears on the available list in the FAQ I posted then you will be ok to play without a VPN and NO I do not see South Korea in the available list (this has to do with licencing and not AGS)

I do believe that Lost Ark is available in Korea but not this version of the game. To access the Korea version I do also think you will need a Korean social security number so you may find it hard to play that version.

I hope that explains it for you.

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Hello SeniorFoolTTV, Lilith1 and mick437,

I really appreciate you’re communicating to us about VPN connections in Lost Ark.

I also want to I also want to thank Lilith1 and mick437 for all the help provided. For this issue, I want to confirm both are right, VPN aren’t allowed within Lost Ark. mick437’s information is also accurated about this topic, you can check this Lost Ark’s Forum about how to connect rightfully not only with Lost Ark; but with any other online game in KR:

I hope this helps and I wish you all of you safe travels in Arkesia. (∩◕‿◕)⊃ ━ :star2:

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