Living in EUC price and quantity are cringe

I guess my pala remain with blessed aura lvl2

thats why its so expensive… because there is not much there of it, but many people need it :smiley:

bruh you only need 4x3 even untill brealshaza hard, hell even 3x3 is good, supports don’t need any leg books kiddo lmao.

Avg. Day Price 8,442.4
Recent Prices 10,500

It means someone else bought all the cheaper ones before you checked the market, or the listings expired

I bough 20 blessed aura books for average price of 6000 gold each one in EUW 2 weeks ago. Every week there were like 10-12 avaiable books. But for real we don’t need 5x3.

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We’re flipping books now because the market was lousy and didn’t adapt to the current supply and demand which was way off. Everyone who is going for 5x3 wants these while there isn’t many popping out anywhere so the prices didn’t make sense so we decided to make hundreds of thousand on getting the price right here :slight_smile:

you cant flip books

You can definitely flip book for your class. Buy cheap ones and try to sell expensive. if it doesn’t sell you can still use it.

good luck getting into any groups with 3x3 support on clown release hahaha

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As far as I know, you can not resell books, because they are only tradable once (Like Ability stones).
After you buy them, they are bound

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that’s correct! it would be really bad if they didn’t do this. imagine people hoarding all the cheap ones and wait for a while then resell for double the price.

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Those are really cheap compared to SA prices.

well you dont need grudge or all other damage engraving that pretty much goes for this price… im sure you can get this one… dont be a cheapo

It’s funny how all chads here talking about You don’t need to go 5x3. And we have 8k price.

Get you pala/bard 4x3 if you wanna but I’m main Paladin so I’m pushing to 5x3.

Ah forgot check Desperate salvation price LOL

Well DPS have no choice at least there is other support 1475+

Well, Mr Kakul, 3 BA, 3 Awakening and 3 Expert is best I can do in this economic situation, please let yourself be slayed by my DPS teammates, thank you. /s

I think I am going to run with BA lvl 2, too if I don’t manage to scrap together gold for those books by Kakul ;x

Meanwhile event could sponsor those books for me but most I got was 50 gold…

You dont need legy books on support to get easy 4x3

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It’s my main, I aim for 5x3, going 4x3 when you’re already 3x3 is pointless.

Those prices are idiotic everyone is just greedy af like ags and smiley

yeah imagine… 217k for x20 legendary Demonic Impulse xD