Load times on Mari

Whatever was added to the patch didn’t fully fix the problem. Took 2 minutes to go from my stronghold to another stronghold to collect a feast… I was the first one there, everyone that showed up reported the same thing. Leaving the stronghold, took about the same time to put me back to my ship, seen the problem now intermittently in multiple areas too.

Hello! Is Mari still giving you problems?

The team is aware of the issues and looking deeper into a solution. Thanks!

I cannot even log onto my character. It’s telling me there is an increase in activity and load times are taking longer then I get An error has occurred and game crashes.

Mari is still messed up completely. Load times are insane even with the server showing as good and few people on. We’re still getting the increased activity spinner on the bottom right and zones are 30 seconds to 2 min load times if it doesn’t kick you from the game.

Can confirm here everything Trok said.

Seems better now as an FYI :slight_smile:

And I spoke too soon, black loading screens are back.

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Hi Mari load times for bifrost, entering islands etc are still 5 minutes after maintenance