Loading bar stuck at 80%

Some help please.

When I start the game and choose a character to start playing (This happens with all the characters) the loading bar gets stuck at 80%. If i leave the game like that for around 7-8 minutes, the character gets into the game, but with a window with this error code: g0x9-spelpwp1p2pt and closes the game.

I was playing fine yesterday and now it is not possible and I have never had problems with the game.

These are the things I have tried to fix it:
-verified files integrity.
-reinstalled the game
-DNS flush
-restart pc over 10 times
-restart router and modem 7 times
-contacted my internet provider and they can’t see anything wrong from their side.
-Tried different ethernet cables
-Disabled firewall
-Restarted the game over 50 times
-disabled IPv6
-updated windows.
-updated GPU and CPU drivers
-Tried different servers in EUC and also tried in EUW.
-Contacted Amazon support and they closed the chat 4 times.

I just ran out of ideas as I didn’t make any changes to my pc or internet connection and it just doesn’t work…

Sorry for my English.


I would suggest you make a ticket to relocate your character and see if that works.

You can ask this on the forums or by creating a ticket:

If you got any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask

Hello there @Ddanii!

I’m sorry to know you’re having issues with the game.

I’m not sure if you’re having this issue with other characters or just one in particular. But as @InochiEsDi mentioned, we can try to unstuck one of your characters and see if it works (thanks by the way for your contribution :smiley: ).

I need your character name and server/region for me to find and unstuck one of your characters and work from there. I’ll be waiting for your response. :wink:

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Hi. I just wanted to confirm that using this program from that i saw in another post worked and today i got my router changed and everything is working fine without the need to use that program. So, it looks like there was some problems with my router and everything is solved now!

Thank you.

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Hey @Ddanii, I’m glad to know the problem was solved!

I hope you continue enjoying the game, and tag me if you need further assistance, stay safe! :smiley: