Loading issues on mari server

Good Day,
Day after the patch was released, the game seems to load slowly(approx. 4-5 mins). It wasn’t like this before the patch( i get load times around a couple seconds). I checked just to make sure it wasn’t on my end. It seems like some people are having issues as well on Mari. I dont know with other servers.


yep, takes over a minute to load into a chaos dungeon and I am on all the latest hardware.

Sadge. Are you on mari server? just curious if its just mari server that’s having a loading problems.

Just stared seeing this issue on Mari today.

It used to be that once you got past the login queue your game would play well, even switching characters would be quick. This morning I had a 30s queue to log in to Mari, a 1m+30s bonus queue to select my character, and now I’m waiting over a minute to a Chaos Dungeon to load.

For the chaos dungeon, first I see a black screen with a blue circle spinner in the bottom right, then after a minute of that I got the regular loading screen.

prisoners on khalhertz reward takes like 3mins before it pops up on mail lol. then going to loading takes like 3mins also.

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Can confirm I am also having these issues on Mari. In addition, it also seems to effect claiming items from the product inventory, and even attempting to go to the stronghold.

Attempting to claim items causes it to hang for multiple minutes, repeatedly prompting “the shop is responding slow, please try again”, until eventually the items get claimed.

It took me four times of playing song of hearth and home for the game to even begin loading into the stronghold, at which point it hung on a black screen (as most places do at the moment), for around two minutes before actually loading.

EDIT: I have some friends on Valtan who are saying that they are not receiving this issue.

I can confirm that I am seeing the same issues on NA West Mari. Long load screens for Chaos and also when changing characters.

happening here on Mari as well. People in guardians are not having issues in other servers…

Yes, the loading times on Mari are making the game almost unplayable. Can even get to and from a ship without a 2-3 minute wait. I wonder if it has to do with how many bots exist? When I created a new character yesterday, I noticed that 60% of all characters on the server are warriors. Another 29% are mages. That’s 89% of all accounts…

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Can confirm this is happening to me also anytime the game has a loading screen. I just loaded into a boss in an abyssal dungeon because the loading took so long. Everyone was already there.

I’m now waiting 1min+ to leave a chaos dungeon :person_facepalming:

Edit: Yup, basically any activity I try to start has a bonus 1m preloading loading screen… What have you done to our beloved Mari server?!?

Mari. Same. Lots of extra wait times switch characters, bifrosting, etc.

Same issue on Mari as well. The client takes a very long to just to load into anything.

Cc: @Roxx

Chiming in here as well, similar issues to OP. Extreme loading times compared to normal. Black screens etc just like OP

Same here - Mari

Server Mari, same issues…every thing that is required to load goes to a black screen w/ the blue spinning icon for approx. 90 seconds before going to the actual loading screen

Can confirm slow loading Issue, I am on Mari too.

I checked yesterday at character creation and saw that 60% of all characters are Warriors. Another 29% are mages. It’s bots flooding literally everything. No one except the bots can play right now.