Loading Screen Crash on Azena

I got stuck at 75% on a loading screen, crashed, and I’m getting a login error at server select.

Update: Azena back to normal for those interested.

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I’m getting the error someone is already logged into my account and the account is now restricted from logging in for 10 min.

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same thing just happened to me.


Mine just keeps getting stuck at 75% in the load screen. I’ve been waiting it out, but there are times where it takes 5 mins or so to load. This just started today.

Same, got stuck on loading screen so I closed the game. Can’t get back in now and getting the “duplicate login” warning.

iam as well

looking like a wide spread issue due to server stability. Everyone I was playing with is experiencing this

Exact same issue here

does anyone have a solution to the problem?
I had the same problem after entering ice island in trixion server

I believe this is a server related issue and there is no client-side fix. Just patience.