Loading screen freezes every time for Rethramis Border

My character is in Rethramis Border, everytime I try to login, the loading bar gets to circa 70% then stops…I have to end task in task manager and relaunch the game…Is my character perm stuck now?

This is Kadan server by the way.

Based on comments on the discord server, this is a widespread issue with other maps also failing to load for people.


Same issue here, but in Throne of Luterra

Getting the same thing, Stuck in different spot but Also Kadan server

Same issue on Prideholme area, Kadan server.

Also on Kadan. Same error.

Same here. The server is kadan in an area of shushire.

Same issue, on Kadan in Sunbright Hill.
Get error after a while (around 5min):

Same issue which eventually ends with this;

Teleported to Stronghold, Kadan server.

Hello @Wandie87 ! Hope you are doing amazing today! :smiley:

Welcome and thank you for posting into our forums!:sparkles:

We are sorry to hear that you and other players have been experiencing being stuck on the loading screen, we surely don’t want this to happen.

There has been a recent post from one of our Community Managers regarding this matter and the operations team it’s already investigating this issue as it is affecting several players: Infinitely stuck in loading screen

We kindly appreciate the patience in advance as the team is looking for a fix.

See you in Arkesia!:crossed_swords:

Greetings @Wandie87 and everyone.

I apologize for the inconvenience you’re having with this infinite loading screen.

Regarding your situation, Kadan server will be restarted to address this issue at 9:20 AM PT on 2/9. For more information, please visit Kadan Server Restart

Best Regards! :bird:

Same thing happend here.

After changing the video settings to Full Screen instead of Borderless, it seems to have solved the problem for me.

This isn’t solved… its 9/10 and im haveing this issue right now. 20 min into game after buying a founder pack and already a game breaking bug… what a first impression… update: started another toon 30 min later… now this char is stuck at the same spot… wtf? Lol whats happening? Update… lol… 3rd toon… same thing… bed time… xing my fingers for a fix… server is kharmine btw… idk if that matters

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When is the restart for Una expected to happen? I cant be the only one unable to play my main character for over 11 hours.