Loading Screen is stucking

Hey Team,

my loading Screen is stucking, if i logg in with my Assassin. After restarting some times it doesnt work. I can logg in with all other chars.

Thx for Help

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ACorE, another player here is it on all your Assassin classes like Deathblade and Shadowhunter or is it only deathblade because I have a similar issue with my deathblade

Its the Shadowhunter, my other classes are Monks and they all work.

Okay thanks. For me it is kinda fixed now but still really laggy if I wanna enter Dungeons with it so you should try it too maybe.

Thank you i will try to change char… good luck with the matchmaking server =)

Thank you ^^ Good luck and hopefully it gets fixed soon. Have a good one :smiley:

Yeah i am in now =) Thx for Reply