Loading screen loop

Is anyone else experiencing problems with loading getting stuck? Specifically in my case when I enter a guardian raid it just gets stuck somewhere at the end of the loading screen.

yep has been an issue for months now, probably started around vykas release

Sounds like an AGS issue. :joy:

this happened to my friend a few times in a row when we were trying to do his turtle and like 4 times in a row for another friend in deskaluda, seems to be the worst with guardian raids for whatever reason

and for everyone else i know theyve been getting it every now and then too

This is also another issue players have besides DCs and lag. But fret not! AGS have been monitoring and re-escalating that too (for weeks).

Yeah it’s been happening a lot to me for the past couple weeks. I get stuck at around 70% loading and I have to hard close the game via task manager and reboot.

Yo @Roxx is the team looking into this as well…
Do we even have a community manager that gives actual information?

This is something which I kind of miss here, to give regular info from admina directly on the posts, mostly about maintenance etc, there are only updates from them in official section. Let’s hope all the fixes also with disconnects and other server problems will be eliminated soon cause this happening at the end of the raid is a nightmare.

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Same problem here, it’s been happening to me since the release of the last patch, it’s never happened to me before (I’ve been playing since day 1) and the bug occurs when I alt+tab on my second screen during the loading screen and only when I enter for the first time on a guardian, however if I keep the cursor on the main screen it works 100% of the time. On the second run I can alt+tab during the loading screen and it works fine.
Try it yourself

A response from the CMs would be appreciated.

This problem is still happening on all my turtle runs

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