Loading screen stuck (FOREVER)


I was playing like a mad men.
Then I figured id visit blackfang island only to be stuck in a forever loading screen?
I have verified ingames files and played enough that this cant be on my side (i am already gs lvl 463, from what I can tell atleast)
I have also contacted support (TWICE) which I think are literally bots who cant help me.

Please help.

myingame char name is Daxious on EU server Galatur.


I am wondering if i can get help getting unstuck from this?
Otherwise i could kiss the beta goodbye.

A player who enjoys the game.


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Same problem !


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Third support contact just done they finally wanted to make a ticket lol :smiley: its a struggle

Edit: My Problem got Fixed

also have the same issue Sadge.

but they did for 2 guys
and the dev/mod didnt come online since

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