Loading screen time

I think reducing loading screen time should be priority, for some reason i feel like the loading screen time is worse by every patch

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Loading screens a hefty in my case as well, but I haven’t noticed them being worse since launch.

That being said, the boot time for the game is absolutely abysmal, it takes roughly 5 minutes for it to boot, and I can’t understand how you manage to release a game in that state.

Either way, these are not things that make me rage out and go “hurr durr im quitting game” but they gradually become more annoying the more you have to deal with them.

If u Play via Steam and have a good CPU + GPU or at least a decent one.
Use the following steam commands under the Steam Startup properties for lost ark to boost loading time of scenes.


What might also Help for some people is:

Enjoy If ist helps, If not at least it was worth a try since you are totally right, the loading times got worse and take way to long in the actual state right now .

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