Lobby g6 abre full of RMT,*we are banning who use external site cit amazon*

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RMT is allowed, you can buy gold from the shop. Also, you’re not censoring their names.

lvl 10 gems are nothing special, they were half their price for a while now.


ofc ofc they are legit buyer,

I know its crazy but there are people that dumb out there. legitimaly throw thousands at games like these. And despite popular belief, it doesn’t necessarily mean that said person is filthy rich :thinking: You can look at your average gacha degen for instance.

I literally profited about 1.2M in gems today. Sold 2 - Level 10 DMG gems, bought the flood of cheap gems, and successfully turned it into 6 new DMG and 1 CD gem. Yes I got lucky with my rolls, but even so.

This amount of gold to get his ilevel is not at all unreasonable even for non-RMTers at this point. you just need to learn to play the games with in the game.

Give them another month and they’ll be Akkan ready.


RMT is not allowed, purchasing from shop is not rmt, shop is not actually trading but purchasing, when you are trading royal crystal for gold you are trading in game currency for gold, not a real money trade for the receiver, the money exchange is between the player and ags/steam in this case

No there is no " even so "

You are a gamba addict.

Without luck, you could have turned it into - 500k loss easily

Same thing.

RMT - real money trading. You use real money to obtain advantages in game - by buying royal crystals with real money.

How else do you call using real money to gain advantage in game ?


Have you forgotten you’re playing a P2W game?? These players are literally who the game was designed for. Not F2P players. Why would they ban their best customers?


yes using money but you are not trading you are purchasing

AGS seems to be cool with RMT so whatever

you are trading your money for ingame benefits.

Purchasing, trading, Same Thing.

Imagine arguing such pointless semantics.

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its a purchase when you buy it from the company that make the game, its an rmt when it is sold by a player. yes i know exchanging currency aka money for in game good is a trade by definition but it is not an RMT, rmt imply a player sold the in game currency for real money it do not apply to ags/smilegate selling you in game currency, if we say rmt is allowed with your definiton or rmting that mean all rmt transaction are allowed but are they? you cannot say its allowed neither prohibed unless it apply to both case with your logic.

What does RMT stand for in gaming?

Real money trading of in-game currency involves third-party services that act as a broker for selling your rare items to other players, for real money, outside the game. People will also do this to buy large chunks of in-game fictitious currency with real money via RMT

buying from shop is not rmting

i already give away 500k gold last month , cry about it

no there is a difference! you trade money for gold but the player don’t receive your money it goes to baldy Bezos acting as the middle man. I think if hes the middle man ppl think the gold becomes legit and considered holy like the guy replying to you XD

there is no 3rd party in 1 trade pretty much in this case this is 1 transaction with real money for in game currency without a 3rd party, and one transaction between 2 player with in game currency actually in this case, anyways the rmting part is always implied as trading in game currency for nothing or much lower value item that indicate that the transaction is legit, they probably also take in consideration stuff like how many time you played with that player, how long he been your guildmate, stuff like that probably diminish the chance they apply an rmt ban or suspension even if you probably did rmt in these case, pretty sure it is more obvious when there was no prior interaction but i got no real clue on wich metric ags use to track it

they just have to look into their account, if they ever bought thousands USD/Euros of crystals and if they didnt. Obv RMT, perma, very very simple

RMT Legal by AGS


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