[Localization] Various localization issues

I keep making threads so I guess I should just make a big one and update it!

  • Quest: Dalian Orchard’s Secret
    This is a secret quest from a scroll, despite what the description of the quest says the secret warehouse is in the north of the Dalian Orchard, see map. (full north at the top, not southeast…)

  • Quest: Your Savior (last step)
    There are a few line returns for no reason in the middle of the letter that Scribe Theo gives us.

  • Quest: A Quality Vessel
    2nd conversation with Balmos, 5th text box: Thief is misspelled

  • Quest: Find the Sneaky Pirates
    2nd conversation with Inath, 2nd text box: I think “bit uproar” is supposed to be “big uproar”

  • Lightshade Inn
    Last conversation with Mereg when he tells you about Blackfang. The player just helped him and Mereg needs to keep his own now so I don’t think this sentence makes sense, I’ve already kept my word. Or maybe the end of the sentence is missing (“then I’ll keep my word as well” or something)

  • Quest: Whistle While you Work
    The voice actor for Reti says “your crew” instead of “my crew”

  • Quest: Rescuing Blackfang’s Crew (start)
    Rosa’s voice actor says “Finbacks” instead of “Redfins

  • Quest: Rescuing Blackfang’s Crew (end)
    Blackfang’s voice says “If the Finbacks get out to deep sea, it will become harder to track”
    It’s missing the entire end of the sentence (the voiced one doesn’t make sense without the end of it) and the second part isn’t voiced at all. Please considering splitting the end into a second dialog box and recording the first voice line again.

  • I noticed a LOT of the voice acting says “Finbacks” instead of Redfin… (but NOT ALL). Redfins is pretty good, but if you end up changing it to follow the voice lines, don’t forget to change the name of Redfin Den.

  • In the cutscene where we leave Luterra by boat for the first time, the clapping at the end is very faint, and is covered by someone sighing or something.

  • Quest: A Home in Danger
    First conversation with Posaka, she only says the first part up to “one of the pirates”. The rest needs to be split into a different text box.

  • Stronghold “Wardrobe” menu
    Lots and lots of clipping as indicated on the photo…

  • Quest: Keep Farm from Harm
    In the ladybug part where you need to put on a female ladybug on your head, the action of putting the ladybug on you says “Carefully turn the female ladybug” which doesn’t make much sense.

  • Immunity Rate
    You see this Immunity Rate for a bunch of attacks, I have no idea what it means and what it is.
    Shouldn’t it be “Immunity to X”, or even just “Immunity”?

  • Quest: A New Start
    In the below text, the voice actor says “I believe Sidereal hid it” as if it was the name of a person. It should definitely be recorded again.

  • Quest: Back to the Back
    At the top of the mountain, in the mini-dungeon for the 3rd heart, Mokamoka is missing some words. Either “it’s the location of” or “it’s –of– the”

  • Stronghold Lab
    The text on the right, once you’ve completed a research sometimes goes outside the lab window itself, both on its left and right

  • Quest: Into the Deep
    Inside the tortoyk dungeon, a Totoiki Captain dialog is missing “to” in “to entice them reconnect”

  • Quest: An Old Story
    When you arrive on the 3rd continent. This guy says “who helped Prince Thirain” instead of King

  • All of the Changhun tournament titles are cut either on the left or on the right…

  • The voice of the announcer during the tournament interferes with the opponent’s before the fight.

  • Quest: The Sixth Match
    First conversation with Yuul before the match. The voice acting has NOTHING to do with the text, and the pronouns used are wrong. Voice actress says “He lost his face to a disease. But he fought through it because Wonpho was always by his side.”
    Like what? XD

  • There is no voice acting at the end of the Fourth Sword fight, but subtitles are there.
    I also think he says Wonpo instead of Wonpho at the start.

  • Quest: Intruder’s Intent
    Third choice in the second Pahan dialog is cut

  • Quest: Signs of Dissolution
    The last part of the sentence should not have several, there is just a single man.

  • Quest: The Seventh Match
    Yuul’s voice actress doesn’t pronounce the last part “That gourd bottle”. Should be moved to a new text box.

  • Quest: Rain, Stars, Wind
    Hodon’s final words are cut. It should be “as much as I hate to say it, thank you” instead of “i…”

  • Quest: The Machine City
    First quest when you arrive in Arthentine, the text is cut in the charge bar when you talk to the people of the city about the tower.

  • Quest: Ominous Signs
    I don’t know if this is an error or not, but I thought they were supplying power to Stern, not mana. At least that’s the first I’ve heard of it!

  • Quest: Airship Crash Investigation
    The voice actress here only says the first sentence (… told me about) The rest should be moved to another text box.

  • Quest: Protect the Heart
    There’s a space missing in the quest description, at the end of the dungeon.
    Also the robot’s name is Frazio, not Francois!!!

  • As usual, most of the in game dialog boxes like this one have text going out of it. It happens it almost all of them.

  • Quest: To Bergstrom’s Laboratory
    This dungeon panel says Krause is dead??? (bottom left) This is just a huge spoiler since we only kill him at the end (and I was still hoping he might be a good guy)

  • It would be good if all voice actors had the same pronunciation. Some say “sceptrum” whitout pronouncing the C, others do pronounce it… Sounds like amateur hour considering the amount of words this happens to, and how important they are (Thirain, Sidereal, Sceptrum, etc etc)

  • Quest: The Watcher
    Last conversation with Bastian.
    Bastian does not know the song of Trixion so he definitely should not be saying that. Maybe it should be in italics to show it’s an action or something?

  • Quest: Find the Sea Bounty
    Uppercase/lowercase issue here, it’s on the Lonely Island.
    He also says we’ve been to Peyto before, but we really haven’t… Timeline issue for this quest maybe?

  • Quest: Ealyn’s Request
    As usual, cut text…

  • When unlocking the Chaos Dungeon and Awakening Quest, Beatrice voice actress does not say what is written, she says something different.

  • Quest: [Awakening] Thirst for Power
    First awakening quest. What the hell does this mean?
    “launch the red moon”? And why again? and how does she know they will try it now?
    And what does that have anything to do with me being ready to acquire a new power.
    Please write things that make sense…

  • Chaos Dungeon help button
    It says “10h” I assume it’s 10 AM, but it should probably be 10:00 if you’re not using AM/PM. Otherwise it looks like it means in 10 hours.
    This is true for every place where you use “10h” instead of 10:00…

  • Lots of spacing issues in EVERY SINGLE tutorial. Especially before and after every single Green keyword and some other coloured keywords as well. That happens both in the text boxes as show below AND in the tutorial quest dialog itself… Please review then FULLY before release because this is a very very important part for beginners… Seriously, did noone actually check the tutorials?..

  • In the Honing tutorial, there a misspelled “and”

  • Quest: The Battle Resumed
    First conversation with the first frog
    Is this google trad? “Follow the frogs to me.”?
    It also says “good luck finding it” after that. Which doesn’t make sense because what do you need to find?

  • Quest: Qualifications to Enter Balankar
    this” should be “these

  • Quest: Mountains in Despair
    The end should probably be "so that probably needs to be stopped, it won’t stop on its own!

  • Quest: Sigmund’s Whereabouts
    The voice actress says “Tyron Forces” instead of Tyron Fortress.

  • Quest: Immersed in Death (2nd Vern Dungeon)
    “means of movement” is correct but can’t you do better?

  • Dungeon: Ancient Elveria
    At the end of the dungeon, during the necromancer cutscene after killing the dragon, there’s a spelling mistake in the subtitle

  • Quest: Before Going on an Adventure
    Spacing issue in the dialog with Ino. There’s also a bunch of other missing spaces, comma at the start of a new line, etc etc but I won’t screenshot everything

  • Quest: Strengthen Gear by Honing (purple quest)
    Why is there a tiny part at the end?

  • Quest: Let’s Play, Lote!
    He’s talking about a seagull, it should be “I brought him to my tent” since the character uses he/him everywhere.

  • Check out these UI-related issues as well:
    [Localization - Eng] Various UI Bugs (Megathread)


Great post! I linked your thread at the bottom of my localization megathread.

I’ll be categorizing and listing all of the localization issues after the end of the beta.

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Sounds good, I linked your as well :slight_smile: There’s a lot lot more coming ><

I’m a bit baffled by the amount of mistakes that are currently in the game.
I understand typos happen, but this kind of looks like no one bothered to play the game at least once from 1 to 50. I definitely missed some as well, and I didn’t even read any of the yellow quests…