Location problem

I live in The Netherlands (europe) and from November i cant buy a founders lost ark because of my location i send an email on steam and they say send an email on amazon support and on amazon send an email somewhere else i dont remember. I guess ill not be a founder on this game.

I wonder if lost ark can release in netherlands at all.

You have law against lootboxes? The game has one for real money. So…… ?

We’re not allowed to discuss on the forums how to get around it. But be aware people have been playing the Russian game. Perhaps if you looked at those examples.

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They have posted about ten thousand times why they cant publish the game in Netherlands, belgium etc.

I think i even seen lost ark reply to you on twitter last night explaining why they cannot due to your governments rules on loot boxes.

How many times do they have to cover this. Its not their choice its your governments rules. All these posts over and over will not change it, it is out of their control.

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A friend of mine that lives in Belgium bought 2 keys (for him and his wife) on G2A. He plays with VPN. I don’t know all the laws with Belgium and Netherlands on games microtransactions. I just had the loot boxes info. Have more stuff they forbidden in this manner?

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They still can lock the P2W items in store for NL/BE if they had any will to make this game succeed though, then you need to do everything you can, but they are very lazy. I can play the game but a friend from Netherlands linked me a forumlink from tweakers(?) website and there was a poll that showed 112k people in the Netherlands and Belgium wanting to play the game and pay for a Founder’s pack, and that’s only from the people that know that website and that browse the forum and happen to fall on the topic, they basicly lose atleast 11.200.000EUR from that. Knowing that buying skins and other non-RNG related items ARE allowed they even could make sooo much more money on top of that 11mil. Luckily today we see they just don’t care at all about EU overall, not only NL/BE. North AMerica has a server Galatur where almost 300k people are playing on (200+ topstreamers and their fanbase) while the server still shows as green, not even busy, while EU has a 20k cap or something with 12 hour queues and errors. They just don’t care about EU at all because we don’t have the popular big streamers.

I’m kind of sad because I always play with my group of friends which also have 5 streamers in it (small streamers with 200-1000 viewers each), and I always follow them as we know eachother for 25 years. It’s stupid that they all get blocked out of the game and therefor are punishing others aswell while they could just give them a different version of the store, they are lazy as fuck and have no heart. AGS or the developers could even request to the devs to break open the RNG chests for them and sell them seperately, even if you ask 500EUR for the legendary item that has a 0,50% dropchance, that is totally legal in NL/BE, but when you put it in the chest with a % chance to drop it doesn’t, except when all the percentages are shown (WHICH IT IS, there’s a link in store at the bottom, so I have NO clue why they are locked out of it, maybe I do, because they didn’t redirect it correctly to the ones deciding it in NL/BE, they only requested to publish it and after request getting denied they didn’t even reply anymore)

Its funny that you use Galatur as your shining example to prove they care more about usa than eu. Because Galatur was down most of the day Friday even after servers came up and they are still experiencing some weird issue that wont let a lot of people play on that server without getting disconnected.

There are 1.3 million people actively playing the game right now and probably another 500k sitting in various ques trying to play.

The game seems far more popular with Europeans than Americans. So maybe, just maybe its not some massive plot to hate the EU and its just that they were not prepared from a technical stand point for the rush EU would bring.

What do you think?

It was down for everyone because they had a maintenance with a patch done for everyone in NA/EU, as friday was official Launch Day including the F2P players, followed by server issues implementing the patch. Besides that nobody on Galatur or NA had any connecting issues since Tuesday.