Lock all the servers

  • Lock all the servers.
  • Ban all the bots.
  • 0 bots will remain since the servers will be locked.
  • Each month, let only 1XXX new players join the game through an application (like early access betas) - inspect their Steam accounts prior to accepting to make sure they’re not a bot.
  • Playerbase is already low and not a lot of new players are joining the game so guys have nothing to loose.

Bot problem solved.

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Man, you high as shit…


So inconvenience all players old and new and waste a ton of money for basically no reason?

that’s impossible as they do not have any reliable bot detection
and no mmo in history can eliminate “all” bots

they literally have nothing to lose by just also doing nothing since they are still making a profit by doing nothing…

so…I’ll ask again

why waste a ton of money to do essentially…nothing?


Locking servers means preventing new entries only. Current players will not be affected by this measure. We play the game as usual. Do you realize they already locked the servers on release to get homogeneous player distribution on all servers right?

like I said still won’t do anything as bots are here to stay.

what is all that crap gonna do but waste a ton of money?

they have to go back to normal eventually anyways and then all of that becomes pointless…

it’s like an extreme measure that’ll cost a ton of money and lose a ton of money for…doing nothing.

Sure, in an ideal world, they can put all new players into a test server where they monitor player behaviour for patterns that resemble a real person, and only let those through into locked old servers.

This would solve the bot problem once they also cleanse the old servers of bots with similar pattern recognition.

But that also means they need to put funds and people into doing this. Is it worth it for them? Maybe, maybe not.

They could hire some GM ingame to ban bot, which is probably cheaper, some people will even willingly do it for free. GM is a thing in every MMO, not sure why its not here. But i doubt they even pay CM enough nowaday, because back then they showed up more often, now they only show up once a week answering like 5 topics, with same answer.
The downfall of most mmo is not because the game is bad, but the greedy of the dev/publisher.


this, only way to solve it
just an initial effort to clear the entire world
then focus on the starting area and thats it
people would do it for free

GM’s are still a viable idea. I know the moderators have given us a response from management believing otherwise, but the scenario they used to try and argue their point for not wanting to hire GM’s was an unrealistic one that we all knew was not viable. No one was asking for what they presented in their scenario, but rather a small team dedicated to rotating between regions and catching the bots in the hot zones where they tend to congregate.


New World is popping off not sure AGS wants to spend money on GMs for LA. They are probably spending money on their actual ip.

Idk I think they should just change the unas weekly gold to something like a reward chest that gives you pheons and other useful stuff. Pheons are useless to bots and I don’t think anybody cares about that 3k gold weekly.

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CMs are useless anyway. They just pass info we get on Twitter, main forum page anyway. Feedbacks can be done by surveys each week/month.
I bet I’ll get banned soon for speaking out my opinion. Cheers

That’s fine, and within their right to do. But, I don’t think it should excuse them to neglect a game they spent $$$ purchasing the rights to just because they didn’t make it themselves.

bots are using it to print so much money. If only they will change it to Pheon. If players are missing that extra gold. Change our 6 gold earners to Seven or so

use real GMs in every servers and BAN BOTs in realtime, done AGS

So basically do it like the korean zombie series called “All of us are dead” did in the end? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Make it mandatory for new accounts to have a REAL phone number that can’t be randomly generated in order to play

If I get too much restriction to play the game, I will less spend money on the game for inconvenience things in the game.

This is like using a 50lb sledgehammer to crack a nut, why go to an extreme effort when bare basic shit hasn’t been done
like employ some actual ingame gm’s to monitor and deal with stuff directly and instantly rather than waiting on automated ban cycles