Lock the "busy" servers and ban the bots

Anyone whos joining the “full” “busy” servers is already there, anyone whos new to the game will need to join a less populated server, and anyone who wants to play with friends on a “busy” one… well, sorry you should have already done that- its a f2p game what took you so long? LOCK THE SERVERS AND BAN THE BOTS…
I use Luterra for my alts because everything is in walking distance, and if I get a new gear piece/stone I dont have to triport back n forth to make changes… but now the bots are so overrunning luterra, that its crazy choppy running around there now…
LOCK THE SERVERS AND BAN THE BOTS… how wil they come back if they cant???
yeah, annoying spam isnt it? imagine how we feel…
you are going to lose more current players then you are new ones that cant join a specific server, i guarantee it…

It wouldn’t be bad as a temporary measure until they fix the overpopulation of bots. But right away there will be people complaining “i can’t enter into the server of mah buddy”. So you could imagine the rest of the situation.

right, and thats too bad, anyone at this point who’s yet to join a server with a buddy, has taken too long… like i said its a free game, they could have downloaded it at any time by now… and yes, there needs to be further adjustments to cater to that, like ive suggested in other posts, make servers for new players to play on, that allow for a transfer to one of the locked servers of choice, after they have done a certain number of things that a regular player would do, that are highly unprofitable/efficient for bots to do, as a gatekeeper for bots to get back in to locked servers. When a plane is going to crash, step one is “fly the plane and regain control” not- lets make sure all the passengers have finished their onboard meal and are satisfied… these bots are killing the game RIGHT NOW, and they will cause loss of player base to a higher degree than making it a little bit inconvenient for new players that have been living under a rock until now… ACTION IS REQUIRED NOW.

Nah, this is more than fine

sarcasm or a bot account using a bot response? hard to tell

People are defending Amazon with “They can’t do anything”.
Fact is you can, it just takes resources, that Amazon are not prepared to spend.

People say “Give Amazon time, they couldn’t predict this problem”, to which I ask has this not been a prevalent issue for MMO gaming for the last 17 years? And no one at Amazon thought “Hey lets speak to the New World Team”? (Outside of “Hey how do we mess this up as much as possible?”).

Blizzard realised rather than spend time and money on banning bot’s they would sue the bot makers directly with overpowering corporate lawyers and make money back.

Then Blizzard realised if we make the token we can take a large slice of the pie and what you have today is the pile of stink with a game designed around boosting token sales through P2W, Blizzard were just really smart about how they window dressed the situation and dumb people still defend it thinking it’s not entirely build around a p2w system but copeium is real.

The problems you see today in this game despite what the well meaning CM’s say are not going to change.

So you make a choice, pay and play or walk away. I’m not playing right now, which I’m gutted about I bought Plat and silver founders I really wanted to believe.

Writing was quickly on the wall though, and I will never be buying an AGS game again, hype it all you want but this company is caught up in social constructs and it’s own little vacuums that has core issues seated deeply at the upper level, and it will be considered a success internally they smashed sales expectations already so there really is no incentive for AGS to change.