Locked from Abyss Dungeon

NA East just got hit with a roughly five minute maintenance that had no previous warnings in game, nor tweets sent out about it.

I was in the first Abyss Dungeon for Yorn, when very suddenly we were hit with the warning that the servers were going down in 120s. It went down while i was still in the dungeon.

The game seems to think that I completed the dungeon - I did not - and I am now locked out for the remainder of the week until reset. I cannot do the second abyss dungeon as a result of me not actually finishing the dungeon.

Is there anyway to fix this?

IGN: Rhuvix
Server: Vykas

im right there with ya on this same thing happened to me

IGN: Xenostealth
server Azena

Same here!

any idea if this is getting looked at? this is the first dungeon for ark of arrogance which means we lost the prerequisite dungeon which means i cant do the second so the crash made us lose 2 abyssal dungeons

As per CM directed, post your loss here

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Thank you Swan for sharing!

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IGN: Símple
Servidor: regulus

Same thing happened to me.

Character: Rekkoner
Server: Zosma

Please fix this…