Locked in abyss dungeon by 3 man party

Title says it all. Anyone knows any GM or way to get out?. Most probably bot alt accounts. Dosent wan to vote leave dungeon. Been inside 2hours already

Just leave dungeon?

you cant leave abyss dungeon except for by vote. 3 probably foreign accounts is afking inside with me now.

I would just log into another character or get off for a bit. I don’t think it’ll keep you in there indefinitely, but I have not tested it. You might get some form of temporary (10-20 minutes) penalty for leaving it, but if you don’t do it often, it shouldn’t lead to anything more serious than that. Also if you know the mechs, just do partyfinder, that’s been a life saver for me.

o you can leave by switching characters? Thanks alot.

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