Locked out for the week Valtan

Hey, first time writing a topic here. Today i got dcd during Valtan G1, we was about to finish, but i got disconnected randomly,and now im unable to claim rewards for the week. I joined back as fast as i can. Is there actually no solution to this? Also can i join G2 at least,or im locked out from there too? Thanks for the replies.

Hello @Yon1, It’s a pleasure for me give you a warm welcome to our forums,

I’m sorry to hear about your disconnection during Valtan.

We currently do not have an option to reissue lost entry tickets or loot, at the moment we only have the automated system that issues the ticket back to your in-game mail within the first 24 hours of the crash, if the the system does not issue a new ticket, you will have to wait for the next weekly rotation.

Here you have the original post about this:

I am very sorry for the inconveniences this cause you,
I hope you have a good day.

Sad to hear, i just got to 1415 last week,and now losing a week progress feels bad. Thanks for the reply.
Have a nice day.