Locked out of abyss dungeon after loading screen

so i went into party finder, and got a group of 4 together, as usual the entry bugs out and i end up going into the loading screen 10 seconds later. now i’m stuck in the loading screen because the 3 other party members aren’t loading in. 1/4 players, waiting in there for the full timer (60 seconds or something).

so the timer ends and i get auto kicked from the dungeon. i go to find party again and i see i’ve been locked out for the week.

contacted support and just got the same copy pasta response that everyone else got it seems.
support can’t do shit about it and i have to just wait up to 48 hours and hope i’m eligible for an entry ticket?? how about make your support team actual support and give them authority to provide re-entry tickets, this is ridiculous. the servers aren’t overflowing right now so chances that i receive re-entry seem pretty bleak.

how can i queue up for other content now without worrying about this bullshit