Locked Out of Abyss

Hello, I was running the second abyssal dungeon from Gate of Paradise, Tranquil Karkosa, and I had a power outage when I was in the last boss and when the power came back and I logged in, I was locked out of the abyssal dungeon without getting any loot and not being able to reenter once I logged back in, and therefore its not allowing me to enter the next abyssal dungeon Alarics sanctuary because I didnt complete the second one because of the power outage.

Server NA East, Avesta
IGN: Machuk

check mail. I got a new entry pass when it happened to me

I wouldn’t be making this post if I did. And unlike you, I never actually set foot inside the dungeon. I didnt quit it. I just never went in, ever! Locked out for 2 weeks now without even touching it. :X

Did you have to make a ticker? Or was it automatic