Locked out of account

I seem to have been locked out of the game.

I was playing with a friend and when we tried to join the same channel (becuase we were both on high pop ones) the screen went black and stayed that way for several minutes. The only way to log out was to quit the game manually by closing the window. When both my friend in I tried to log back in the game told us we were still in the game.

We then left the game and gave it a few minutes before logging back in. Upon trying to log back in, we were told that our accounts were locked and we couldn’t try again for 10 min.

So I guess the problem is two-fold:

A. There seems to be a problem with stalled loading screens to join new channels
B. If you log out in a unexpected manner, you should be able to log back in without suffering a 10 min hold on your account.

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