Locked out of all 3 Vykas raids after DCing in Gate 1

The power went out randomly during Vykas Gate 1 mid attempt. The group completed the gate while I was DC’d. I log back in after it was done. I did not receive completion credit and can’t re-enter Gate 1 or continue on to Gates 2 and 3 this week (the game won’t let me enter them). I also didn’t get any loot. I did not get a “re-entry ticket” even 24 hours later. Feels bad.

This raid was what I spent all the time working on my character for and I feel cheated out of it :frowning:

You need to find a better group, in my guild when 1 go afk we insta restart the raid.

I just don’t understand it.

I just finished speaking with an AGS person and they said it is the intended design by Smile Gate.

How is screwing someone out of their legion raids a good design?

Why not give the DC’d party member completion credit so they can at least continue on to Gate 2 and 3?

Why not stopping the raid tho? you have bad friends, but yeah i dont know why you can’t do gate 2 and 3 anymore thats weird

You need to complete g1 to enter g2… shity friends tho that did not wait for him… i mean most people wait if someone dc even if its a random person…

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They should change the way the game works to just give completion credit to the DC’d person. They were a part of the raid how do they not deserve completion credit?

Because people would exploit it, they could sell infinite buss they disconnect their internet 1 sec before beating the boss and keep their legion raid entrance and do it again and again