Locked out of Event Daily after taking the quest with a low level alt

I forgot you needed level 50 to enter the event, and got the daily quest with a level 29 alt. The problem (aside from not being able to do the event with the alt, of course) is now I can’t get the daily quest with another level 50 character, and I can’t abandon the daily quest with that initial low level alt. So basically, I can’t do the event for the day, unless I rush like crazy and level to 50 (nope).

Why not let me either abandon the quest or just being able to get the quest with another character too until one completes it?

EDIT: Wait, wtf, the daily quest still persists on my alt after the reset time. So now I’m forced to get that character to 50 as soon as possible if I don’t want to miss on the event?

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got the exact same problem!
edit: talked to the support, he means the best way is level to 50… technical support takes time

I have the same issue. The first day, I did the daily event quest with my lvl 50 main character. The second day, I was logged on to my alt character lvl 30, and as it was able to accept the quest, I did it - not expecting not to meet the requirements for a quest you can pick up - and could not participate in the event anymore…
The big issues are, that this daily event quest NEITHER resets at midnight NOR can it be cancelled. I is stuck on my alt character since then, and my main character is locked out of the event for days now!

I opened a forum post about that issue, and the customer support agent only told me to use a power pass on that alt character (as if I was to waste a power pass on a character that I leveled up to 40 in the meantime) - or to wait many many days until it reaches lvl 50 as well. His/her precise words were “patience is a virtue”!

I feel minimally fooled by that “support”.

I actually hit 50 and am still unable to access the event so… that isn’t even the answer.

Maybe you need to finish Vern?

Appreciate the reports – we are working on a fix for this bug

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people actually level alt again from 10? wow.

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Update: I finally got to enter the event with the alt. I reached 50 with and arrived at Vern. By the time the event started, I already unlocked Chaos Dungeons, but that’s it, I didn’t have to finish Vern.