Locked out of Oreha Preveza

What the heck is that update last night??? We received a 60sec notification in game that the server is going down for a maintenance. My friends and I were doing hard mode Orehe Preveza!!! We didn’t have time to kill the boss and now we are locked out of the dungeon!!! This is ridiculous!!!

I reached out to Amazon customer support and the personnel told me, sorry there’s nothing we can do on our end?!?! WTF?!?!

Worst customer service experience with Amazon ever!!!

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i am on the same page…

Yeah I was almost in the same situation. But instead of continuing after seeing the notice we ended the dungeon and ran it again after the server got back up.

I was in middle of the Valtan fight and I do not think 60 sec was enough time for random 8 players all agree,

I should have done what you did, but the boss was at 12HP bars, we thought we can down him in time :’(

Just received this from Amazon…

I got the same macro reply as well. Exactly same one. Amazon is blocking macro players but they have not blocked those macro emails yet… kinda sad

Support is completely useless and just a placebo so people think there’s support.

They really are. How is support called support when they can’t even help the players. This is crazy!

His name is Jon Snow !!!