Locked out of Vykas after game crashed while Gate 1 boss was being finished off

I was running Vykas hard with my team yesterday and had the game crash right as we were finishing off the Gate 1 boss. After I rebooted the game and rejoined the instance, I did not receive any of the completion rewards nor was able to buy the rewards chest. Furthermore, our raid group was not able to proceed to the next gate since it said I had not completed the previous gate yet. After leaving the instance, I was not allowed to queue up for Gate 1 or enter any Vykas instance.

Basically, I am completely locked out of Vykas for this week after receiving no rewards due to what I assume is just an oversight in their game/code logic. Below is a screenshot showing that we completed Gate 1 (I am Pitchplease in the screenshot) along with what my Vykas queue screen looks like and what I see when I try to renter/queue up for it.

I’ve already submitted a ticket and have done a couple live chats with support but the only response they gave me was there’s an automated system in place to send out re-entry tickets if they detect an issue on their end, but I have not received any ticket yet after 24 hrs and don’t expect that I will. I am hoping that maybe someone here might have a helpful suggestion on anything else I can do or at the very least, I want to bring awareness to this issue as I’m sure this happens a number of times to people every week.

Hello @Brototype ,

You posted your thread in the French bug section. I move it to the English section.

Have a nice day!

Hi there, Brototype.

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced this.

Unfortunately I do not have the power to get your ticket back :confused: . However I will make the development team aware of this happening to you.